d'Insle Montessori Schule AG

Signaustrasse 7+9

8008 Zürich

 +41 43 443 00 30

 +41 43 443 00 31


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How to find us

The d'Insle Montessori School is located in a quiet yet central position, on two large adjacent plots in an area of villas not far from the Stadelhofen station. Despite its closeness to the centre, we enjoy the peace of our surrounding residential area, our own recreational space, the idyllic little garden with its planting bed and playground and the 4 different parklands close by. We can get up to the woodland above us as quickly as the lake below.

Youcan travel to us easily on foot, in a car, or by public transport:

  • Forchbahn to Kreuzplatz or Hegibachplatz
  • Tram No. 8 to Kreuzplatz
  • Tram No. 11 / Bus No. 31 to Signaustrasse
  • Bus No. 33 to Hegibachplatz