Caring for your child

 We strive to create a homely, comfortable environment for the children and to offer them a family atmosphere. We are convinced that it is easier to learn in the appropriate surroundings, and for many of our children the school is also a second home where they feel happy and protected. This is particularly important for children from families where both the parents work, because they also spend a large part of their free time with us.

 After school childcare is provided by the various team members on a rotating pattern, so that – in the interests of the younger children in particular – there is no additional turnover in carers. Childcare on school-free afternoons and at lunchtime is provided by our trained house staff, who in a very short time become just as familiar to the children as the other staff . Our concept provides professional care for the children from 7.30am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday.

The morning care incl. breakfast at 7:00 and the evening care (6pm - 7pm) incl. dinner can be booked on demand in advance.

 Childcare during the school holidays can also be claimed as an additional option by parents for nine out of the thirteen official weeks of school holiday. This service can be booked in advance, either as a package or week by week.

 The school closure period usually comprises the two middle weeks of the City of Zurich’s official 5 summer holidays and two weeks over Christmas/New Year. During these four weeks, the school and its administration department all remain closed.