What we offer

 We are a non-denominational, trilingual (DE/EN/FR) day school and work according to principles of the Montessori Method. We look after and educate children aged from about 3 months to 12 years in seven sections: Kindergartens (two pre-kindergartens and two kindergartens) and a Primary School (two foundation levels and a middle school level). The children are lovingly cared for in a family atmosphere and are provided with meals, but most of all, they are individually and holistically encouraged.

 The highest-qualified specialist staff with recognised Montessori training in a faultlessly prepared environment guarantee the optimum developmental conditions for every child and the effective use of whatever potential it has available. Tailor-made solutions are available to all thanks to flexible transitions between the levels, without any fixed age limits, and individually-designed programmes

 At each level, two teachers with German or English as their native language enable the second language to be acquired without any problem, and in a fun way through the omnipresence of both languages in the everyday routine (immersion). A French-speaking teacher is also available on two half days every week, thus providing the children with their first contact with a third language. This trilingual team accompanies the mixed year groups

through team teaching as they work, rest and play, supported by specialist
teaching staff, assistants, trainees, interns and caretaking staff.

 We are proud of our mixed, international community and value intercultural understanding very highly in our day-to-day teaching. A cosmopolitan perspective and mentality combined with the safeguarding of our own cultural origin and identity is the humanitarian basis for our life together.

 In addition to a sound, consistently applied teaching method, the other supportive pillars of our self image are a comprehensive range of services including food and partial holiday care, regular working contributions from parents, continuous quality control, consistent further education and a high level of dedication and idealism on the part of all those involved.

Leisure Courses

 We also offer a varied range of optional leisure courses, during the off-peak and afternoon periods, to be taken as courses over a semester or a school year and paid for separately.