Primary School

 The Primary School is divided into three sections, though they all have much in common – apart from their age structure. After an hour of everybody gathering together, in which pupils also work, the formal morning block starts at 8.30am. Throughout the entire morning, the children devote themselves to their individual independent work, supported by two teachers with English/German as their native language. Each child works on its own programme, matched to its personal potential and requirements, discussed and worked out together. The agreed content is mainly worked upon independently, evaluated, checked and assessed with the teaching staff and presented to the section whenever possible. The morning is usually brought to an end with a get-together.

 Both of  the lower elementary levels include the pre-school and the first three school years, depending on the maturity of the individual child. A mixed-year group of about 30 children travels together along common paths of learning and life, but with individually designed learning contents. In addition to gym and craft lessons, this level also offers swimming lesson in the programme where possible. French is also integrated into the teaching starting in lower elementary Level.

 The upper elementary level offers an individual and therefore stepless transition to the learning content of the top primary classes. In the transition zone between the two classes, the most important materials are therefore consciously available at both levels. As before, the

autonomous, largely independent working out of learning content through independent work forms the key pillar of the lesson. In the 5th and 6th class, however, increasing numbers of targeted lesson sequences are also woven in to get the children used to other forms of teaching, such as teaching from the front, and examination techniques in optional preparation courses for Gymnasium, to ensure that transition to the senior level is smooth.